Monday, 5 March 2012


I have often walked the length of the Lathkill dale Valley which is situated in the White peak National park area.

                                   LATHKILL DALE     © John R Arrowsuch
On this occasion i traveled through the village of  Monyash to start my Image gathering along Lathkill Dale Valley, the date was the day after the summer solstice 2010. After walking for almost a mile i came upon a high rocky outcrop ( i know one photographer titled it the "guardian", and indeed it does look like it's looking out over the valley, watching!!! ).

  The Outcrop   © John R Arrowsuch
Alongside the knoll there was a Hawthorn bush positioned to the left, and at the base of the Hill a collection of Limestone rocks, not to mention the fragmented wispy clouds. So all the elements were there for my Image.

The setup for my Camera was low-down to get the Limestone rocks in focus, looking at my program settings, it was set for Aperture priority F18, for this type of shot i would normally use Manual control, allowing me to set my focus on the infinity \infty and then back it off a little, thus giving me a sharp image from the limestone rocks, through to the high outcrop,
this method uses the Hyperfocal distance it's worth learning, if you intend to take up landscape Photography. every photographer knows sometimes you barely have enough time to set up when a instant opportunity presents itself.........................

    SOLO JACKDAW © John R Arrowsuch
....................the Solitary Jackdaw was that opportunity, and i just managed to line the camera up and press my remote shutter, and .........a satisfying image was the result.

But the old saying "more haste and less speed" comes to mind, next time i will set up gear sooner than later, and be ready, if only life could be as easy.

Hope you like the Image. Solo Jackdaw 
By solo i mean not in a flock, they usually wheel round the high outcrop in a joyous squawking group called a  "clattering".

PS. I never did see another solo Jackdaw over the Knoll, well until the next time?.