Sunday, 17 May 2015


Stanage Edge, runs ribbon like, four Miles long, from the Cowper Stone to Stanage End.
I had planned to find the CROW CHIN rock, to shoot an image, but time and a
pulled hamstring made the trek shorter. 
Kato (my Brother) wanted me to get an image for his blog, a marsh or water scene.
We were fortunate to find such an image, on the track to the Redmires Reservoirs, a marshy pool
matched his request. See his WILL-O-THE-WISP search HERE.

With that image in the can, we set off back to the Edge, I had earlier caught sight of a scene 
through two gritstone upright boulders, that framed a view upon  the "Stanage plantation"
the sound emanating from the woods below, gave me a possible posh

With the tree's in the centre forming a curtain for the spring evening show, a good mix of
changeable cloud, it all made for a fine image.

The gritstone in this part of the DARK PEAK has a multi sparkled quality, not unlike
a Star field on a moonless night, it may sound a poetic description, but on a Sunny Day, the gritstone
takes on the appearance of a Starry night sky. You will not see this in any on line photo, the resolution
is (deliberately) too low, remind me to shoot a macro shot.

Here are a few images from last Year's visit;

The image on the Left was a reject, Unpublished  test shot. unlike the image on the Right
which can be bought here; amethystlandphoto

Although I had intended to walk to HIGH NEB and the CROW CHIN rock, I chose to return
another day, but the " STANAGE EDGE AMPHITHEATER"  image was reward enough.