Monday, 4 June 2012


Falling but holding on, refusing to give in and stubborn to the end.
That description describes a few of my older relatives
and may sound familiar to yourself, and your family, or it could
 describe close friends. But I am actually referring to this
old tree Salix fragilis (Crack Willow), in 
Northampton shire, close to the River Nene.
Another tree is growing out of the Willow, I only
identified it weeks later, as being an Elder, the association
with the Willow is termed ; epiphyte. The Tree
is only a stones throw to the Village of Wadenhoe.  
 You can find the full size Image HERE .

The Small spring & stream that flow under this gravity defying tree,
run down to the River Nene ( to the Right & out of view ).
While processing the Image I noticed the face to the left side of the tree,
It stands out with a bold expression, against the pool of water.

If you have a trip to Wadenhoe, walk by the old church (St Michael & All Angels)
 a very atmospheric building, 800 years old and still in use today. 
The other area worth an explore is the Nene way, a River walk 
along the scenic Nene, though when i visited it
 was running high with the recent heavy rain. 
I have a desire to make a return visit, SOON.