Wednesday, 20 April 2016


Irfon Valley, Powys mid Wales was my destination for an early Spring image Driving along the old Drovers Road, with my assistant Kato ∞ we found an ideal spot to park and explore the lower Irfon Valley,wolves' Gorge ( Camddwr Bleiddiad ). Heading off the Road and down the steep bank where the River Irfon flows, there lies an embankment, almost shore like, peppered with small and large boulders leading the eye into the rushing River Irfon.
Afon Irfon
You can see this image here;
I used a 20mm Sony lens set to infinity; f16, on a tripod
and as close to the foreground as was possible to stay sharp,
the tripod was essential. The wind blowing down the valley,
 from from the north was 40+mph. It blew both 
myself and Kato ∞ back
up the hill on the way back upto the Road.
I may return here soon by other means of transport
for those who know!