Wednesday, 24 August 2016


The name I have chosen for this mystery Bridge is; "THE THREE RAVENS"
the Bridge at it's top upper most stone bears a coat of arms........
.......Three Ravens a Chevron with two swags in it's design.


As a commercial photographer I like to keep some locations 
secrete, but with this location hidden in the heart of the 
Elan Valley, some of you reading this will already know
of it's whereabouts, for the rest of you, there are enough
 clues to track it down.


 This image was only possible due to the fact the little River was very low, beware the current
though, low River = fast current, hence the opposite saying; still waters run deep 
I would imagine after heavy Rain, no middle of the Bridge Image is 

 To see the full Image see here; 

If you can find the owner of the coat of arms, you will find this wonderful location 


Sunday, 12 June 2016


The Arden Way and Arden forest was known to William Shakespeare, his 

play "As you like it"is set in the forest of Arden in Warwickshire.
 2016 is the 400th Year anniversary of the death
of William Shakespeare. So with Kato ∞
I made my way to this next destination for a late Spring image, featuring the
meandering River Arrow, in a landscape that
 inspired England's greatest playwright, the "Bard".

Albert Pinkham Ryder  

It was late evening as Kato ∞ and myself, searched part of the
 River Arrow along the Ardent Way,
for an ideal view. Dark "Crow Black" clouds formed to our left, it was a 
promising end to the day, the sinking Sun glowing bright Orange, back-lighting
the Hawthorn and River bank, and Cow Parsley.
Albert Pinkham Ryder painted what is a scene of the "the Forest of Arden",
it has the look and feel of my River Arrow image, though not
the actual spot, but it has all of the elements. 


This is the final edit image and is on view here; Amethystlandphoto  

For BOOTS. see here; Who is Mr Boots?



Wednesday, 20 April 2016


Irfon Valley, Powys mid Wales was my destination for an early Spring image Driving along the old Drovers Road, with my assistant Kato ∞ we found an ideal spot to park and explore the lower Irfon Valley,wolves' Gorge ( Camddwr Bleiddiad ). Heading off the Road and down the steep bank where the River Irfon flows, there lies an embankment, almost shore like, peppered with small and large boulders leading the eye into the rushing River Irfon.
Afon Irfon
You can see this image here;
I used a 20mm Sony lens set to infinity; f16, on a tripod
and as close to the foreground as was possible to stay sharp,
the tripod was essential. The wind blowing down the valley,
 from from the north was 40+mph. It blew both 
myself and Kato ∞ back
up the hill on the way back upto the Road.
I may return here soon by other means of transport
for those who know!

Saturday, 27 February 2016


Chrome Hill on a Winters afternoon. Earl Sterndale
was where we had parked Katos car, a week earlier
the car had been bogged down in mud at the base of
Chrome Hill, luckily a passing local stopped to ask
if we would like a tow out, so many thanks to him 
for the rescue. So we headed homeward, without an image, to return a week later.

 From Earl Sterndale was a 1.5 Miles walk to our view point below Chrome Hill, Blue sky was less than ideal
but as I set up, cloud started to build fast high above
ridge line, within minutes, streams of cloud had climbed  and filled my 20mm Sony lens, five images
later, a cold wind blew down the Hill and the opportunity for more images had gone.

Wisely we packed away the gear, and headed for Earl 
Sterndale. Looking back from where we came, heavy dark rain clouds were forming. A very wet walk back to the car, but one image was worth the muddy boots.
You can see the image here;