Saturday, 4 October 2014


Weather forecast  for fine weather, pushed me out the door. I decided to head up to the Ladybower reservoir in the Peak District.

I was not able to spend more than a couple of hours, hiking so a Trekking bike was the preferred mode of transport, I had company, my Brother (Kato), came along with his steel framed, mountain bike, it weighs a ton compared to my aluminum hybrid Trekking cycle.


We headed out to find the Howden Reservoir dam, on arriving the low level of the water, stopped us in our tracks, that and the fact the early Autumn was absent, made for limited photo opportunities.


looking out over the reservoir, almost empty, the only option was a very close up shot of the Howden dam, with the sky contrails.

More to see over at;

Howden Dam Contrails

I will not return here this Autumn, due to the very low water levels, so where to next, I think North Wales is calling, maybe?.