Saturday, 2 February 2013


  A Winter walk, before the big thaw. Six inches had fallen near my home, but I 
wanted to see how Winter had effected the Birds in our countryside.
I packed a thermos flask and my trusty alpha 900, and hitched a ride into
Monyash, the side Roads were a little tricky so we opted wisely for
the B 5055, as we drove through Monyash, I observed the roof gutters had overflowed, forming long Icicles as did my own back home.
My trusty trek-pole with a removable beech top for camera mount

I set out along the Lathkill dale trail heading towards Rucklow Quarry
6 Inches of snow required my viewfinder walking pole.
The first Birds I encountered were calling Jackdaws high above
  the Quarry's tree canopies.
The next feature on the walk was the Lathkill head cave, where the River Lathkill emerges. This cave is only safe to explore deep
 if you are an experienced caver.
Just a little further down you will come across "FOX TOR" but
from 1776 the name changed to "PARSONS TOR". Due to the 
tragic accident of the Rev Robert Lomas rector of Monyash,
who on his horse, fell to his death one stormy night. He was
 returning back to Monyash from Bakewell.
See here a photo of Parsons Tor;
Parsons Tor to the right
Walking away from the tor I came across smaller Birds
 (Robins,wrens,firecrest ) on the numerous boundary posts across from
 the mossy, River Lathkill. Crossing over the River Lathkill via
the footbridge I headed through the wooded path towards
Cales Dale. Somewhere on my route I stopped to
Photograph a chambered Mossy nest, who's snowy topped
residence may have been Firecrest.

As the light was falling away, I headed towards One Ash Grange farm.
But not before one last snowy photo.

                               One Ash way back        J R Arrowsuch
After leaving the One ash Grange farm, Rooks were gathering in the
chilly winter bows, they are larger birds than the small robins/wrens
and tree creepers/firecrest that feed in the bottom of the
 Lathkill Dale, for that reason more probably survive the harsh winter months.
 I do have sympathy for our feathered friends, it's tough out
 in the countryside.

Take care on the Roads, and if you visit Lathkill Dale keep to the trails
there are deep mines strewn throughout this area.