Friday, 18 May 2012


Locations for Wild Garlic, in a fine looking wood are a rare combination, so
 some research was required. Google Images was full of Images
 but, most were vague and not many locations were
 mentioned, on the click through.
But one stood out, and it's location was revealed as Millington wood.
An ancient wood containing mainly Ash and Beech, with some conifers
which are being felled in favour of the chalk loving Ash.
The open wood encourages the chalk plants to flourish, but at the end
of Millington wood, Wild Garlic grow in abundance, in fact the term "carpet"
describes it's appearance perfectly.

Click HERE for the full wide view.
Millington Wood is located in the East riding of the Yorkshire
Wolds, and is designated an SSSI, A site of special
scientific Interest. As you enter the wood, you will be stopped in
 your tracks, by the sound of Bird Song, that will fill your head,
and as you walk up the Wood, the Onion/Garlic smell, hits you, I'm
already thinking about my sandwich's. 
But I'm not here for lunch, my mission is an Image of the
Wild Garlic, so higher up the Wood I slowly walk, taking in the
many Ash trees that were planted, to re-establish the what
would have been here, hundreds of years ago.

When you get to the far end, a steep climb is in order,
this is where most of the Ramsons grow. I had left my 50mm
lens on the Camera, so had to switch to a wider 20 mm lens,
in order to get more scene in the frame, there is no easy
way to step back here, and you feel like a trespasser
if you step onto the wild Garlic, so most photos are taken
from the Wood path or fence.

To view the full image click HERE
A view point on the path , gives a fall-away view you can see the
route you ascended from here. I turned this Image into
 a Monochrome, I always shoot in RAW format, in order to
convert to Black & White. I bought a Walking
Magazine"Country Walking" the other day (Country Walking),
 it was celebrating it's 25th Birthday, and inside was a walk
in the Peak district national park, they titled it
"The White to Dark way",I thought it was a great
Title for a Black & White photo, but no doubt it was used before
 many moons ago, I think my next location
 may be the White or Dark peak.