Saturday, 27 February 2016


Chrome Hill on a Winters afternoon. Earl Sterndale
was where we had parked Katos car, a week earlier
the car had been bogged down in mud at the base of
Chrome Hill, luckily a passing local stopped to ask
if we would like a tow out, so many thanks to him 
for the rescue. So we headed homeward, without an image, to return a week later.

 From Earl Sterndale was a 1.5 Miles walk to our view point below Chrome Hill, Blue sky was less than ideal
but as I set up, cloud started to build fast high above
ridge line, within minutes, streams of cloud had climbed  and filled my 20mm Sony lens, five images
later, a cold wind blew down the Hill and the opportunity for more images had gone.

Wisely we packed away the gear, and headed for Earl 
Sterndale. Looking back from where we came, heavy dark rain clouds were forming. A very wet walk back to the car, but one image was worth the muddy boots.
You can see the image here;