Saturday, 4 October 2014


Weather forecast  for fine weather, pushed me out the door. I decided to head up to the Ladybower reservoir in the Peak District.

I was not able to spend more than a couple of hours, hiking so a Trekking bike was the preferred mode of transport, I had company, my Brother (Kato), came along with his steel framed, mountain bike, it weighs a ton compared to my aluminum hybrid Trekking cycle.


We headed out to find the Howden Reservoir dam, on arriving the low level of the water, stopped us in our tracks, that and the fact the early Autumn was absent, made for limited photo opportunities.


looking out over the reservoir, almost empty, the only option was a very close up shot of the Howden dam, with the sky contrails.

More to see over at;

Howden Dam Contrails

I will not return here this Autumn, due to the very low water levels, so where to next, I think North Wales is calling, maybe?.


Sunday, 6 July 2014


Stanage Edge ancient, Gritstone escarpment within the Peak district national park.



 The gritstone of this area was once used in the making of Mill grindstones
and if you walk the Edge you will see grindstones abandoned
and never put into service, they make a nice foreground
in many a fine photo image.
Another gritstone use was the water feeders, used for the grouse
in this image I used the feeder and water as a reflective surface, to 
fill the foreground with highlight.

 If you pop along here, there is a nice image of the above on BLUE;



  The journey back from Stanage Edge, was eventful. Passing though the Chatsworth 
House area, the Road speed is 50mph, but chatting with 
Kato ∞ my driver and assistant we both thought this was a stupid 
speed, after dark and on a twisty Road so Kato ∞ dropped the speed 
down to under 40mph.
A wise move!?, a Tawny owlet, flew out across our path, clipping him down
 the side of the car, the owlet dropped down stunned, onto the
 center of the Road. We had already stopped as the owlet, fell from
 his flight, Kato ∞ gathered up a rather dazed owl, he bought it 
back into the car, handing it over to me, i perched
him on a blanket, but he was recovering fast, the owl just wanted to fly, 
and flapped onto the dashboard, so he was recovered 
enough to be set free.
Kato ∞ carried the owlet to the fence where he/she, originally flew out, the 
owlet flapped and glided (wings fully spread) down the valley and 
across the River Derwent, landing  in a tree. Did I get a photo
 of the owlet, no, it was all too dramatic, plus my compact camera was
 packed away?. The morel of the story is always be prepared, camera ready.
As for the owlet, hope alls well with him/her, and here is a picture of 
three Tawny owlets, just about to fledge, by photographer; Artur MikoĊ‚ajewski.

From Wiki photo by;
Artur MikoĊ‚ajewski

Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Llyn Clywedog reservoir, described as being; a subtle juxtaposition of sublime natural beauty and modern engineering, an accurate apt, summing up.
I thought this view would be ideal for a Panoramic composition, and so on midsummers day, I set out to capture this fine view. 

See this image here;

Llyn Clywedog reservoir
 Dr.James Fox, in the BBC4 program " BLUE A History of Art in Three Colours", explains;
Blue the Colour, in sky and on the horizon, can never be really be touched.
Making BLUE a very special hue.
I would have to agree, the water in my panorama, reflects the deep BLUE of sky
but looking at the water, it appears a much deeper BLUE it is in fact
due to the great depth of the Reservoir.


There is one other BLUE Panorama, on my web site; 
Well...........almost all BLUE, apart from the orange Sun lit cloud above.


The other BLUE we all know and some, care about.


Llyn Clywedog reservoir

Sunday, 18 May 2014


Continuing with the theme of standing Stone Circles,
I post another set of  Stones, near to the "Nine Ladies Stone circle", which
 was featured in my last post.

It was my intention, come spring, to photograph Bluebells in a fine wood, that
was not possible, but......on the way back from said wood, I made a track
to another prominent feature in the Landscape, Nine Stones Close, a small
but tall circle of Four standing stones, minus the other Five stones 
missing or removed over time.

The Sun was about to sink below the horizon, it had been the hottest day of the Year
But the long grass was still wet, and glistened in the falling Sunlight.
You may not be able to see the fine detail, in the above image, so I have
cropped out the fine Sun light and water Sun hit highlights in the image below.

Sun -Grass-Stone detail
The next image is of the two larger stones, covered in lichen and standing tall.



Sunday, 9 March 2014


A great trip (2013) up to the Peak district, to capture the Stone Circle "The Nine Ladies", the stones were very small, but well worth a visit. My trip here had a double purpose, one was to shoot a short film, and secondly I was looking for Bilberry’s, the filming did not go to plan, so I will return here again this Year. But I did find Bilberry’s,with my trusty assistant Kato ∞ but…..too early to pick.

 The Nine Ladies
I was hoping to put some Film footage, of this stone circle into a future project but bad timeing due to lack of Film continuity, will mean I will have to return, back here, same time same season, this year. I will keep you posted, as and when it's all in the can.