Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Llyn Clywedog reservoir, described as being; a subtle juxtaposition of sublime natural beauty and modern engineering, an accurate apt, summing up.
I thought this view would be ideal for a Panoramic composition, and so on midsummers day, I set out to capture this fine view. 

See this image here;http://www.amethystlandphoto.com

Llyn Clywedog reservoir
 Dr.James Fox, in the BBC4 program " BLUE A History of Art in Three Colours", explains;
Blue the Colour, in sky and on the horizon, can never be really be touched.
Making BLUE a very special hue.
I would have to agree, the water in my panorama, reflects the deep BLUE of sky
but looking at the water, it appears a much deeper BLUE it is in fact
due to the great depth of the Reservoir.


There is one other BLUE Panorama, on my web site; http://www.amethystlandphoto.com 
Well...........almost all BLUE, apart from the orange Sun lit cloud above.


The other BLUE we all know and some, care about.


Llyn Clywedog reservoir