Sunday, 18 November 2012


 Autumn, as I promised a return visit to Waylands Smithy,
it turned out to be a real gem of a Autumnal day.
Excellent  conditions, light wind and good light, with
a bright Azure sky.
The Avenue of Beech trees, which have had a selective prune of their " widow makers", still looked good with their Copper coloured leaves.

Have to add a caveat though, the Summers wet and windy 
weather, has made the early leaves fall !!.
But don't let this put you off going out to see the remainder
 of the Autumn season.

The Images left and right are of the forest path, that brings you to
Waylands, keeping you off the deep muddy road.

the full Image is seen below, looking more like a Autumn
cathedral than a forest.

You can see the full Image "Here"
or below.

This next image is the about face of "Cathedral Fall"
facing the Sun, a desaturated rendering giving my Sony 20mm a chance to show the effect of working with a high aperture f16, the result is subtle floor light and a nice star effect around the Sun!.
The full Image can be seen " Here "

The final Image was the goal of the trip. The Autumn Avenue
of Beech trees at Waylands Smithy.
The full Image can be seen " Here "

Although some selective pruning had taken place
all the main trees were still in tact, and the Autumn colour
was superb, well worth the trip down to Oxfordshire.
Now all I need now is a snowy winter trip.