Sunday, 12 June 2016


The Arden Way and Arden forest was known to William Shakespeare, his 

play "As you like it"is set in the forest of Arden in Warwickshire.
 2016 is the 400th Year anniversary of the death
of William Shakespeare. So with Kato ∞
I made my way to this next destination for a late Spring image, featuring the
meandering River Arrow, in a landscape that
 inspired England's greatest playwright, the "Bard".

Albert Pinkham Ryder  

It was late evening as Kato ∞ and myself, searched part of the
 River Arrow along the Ardent Way,
for an ideal view. Dark "Crow Black" clouds formed to our left, it was a 
promising end to the day, the sinking Sun glowing bright Orange, back-lighting
the Hawthorn and River bank, and Cow Parsley.
Albert Pinkham Ryder painted what is a scene of the "the Forest of Arden",
it has the look and feel of my River Arrow image, though not
the actual spot, but it has all of the elements. 


This is the final edit image and is on view here; Amethystlandphoto  

For BOOTS. see here; Who is Mr Boots?



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