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The Stanage Edge fine grit stone escarpment which lies to the north of the village of Hathersage in the
 Dark Peak region of the national park. It is an area very popular with climbers ,the climbing routes have varying degrees of will also see hang-gliders battling the elements as they soar high on the thermals above Stanage edge looking down at the walkers and climbers.

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 Stanage edge stretches for 6 km and great views across the Derwent and Hope valleys can be observed. The highest point on the edge is known has the high Neb which on its trig point measures 458meters.

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Looking north is Crows Chin and to the west is the Derwent valley with views of Win Hill and Lose Hill. The Black and White Image of Stanage Edge shows relics of the areas industrial past, below the escarpment lies abandoned Millstones or Pulp stones, as they where some times called.The image I took was at days end just has the Sun, began to sink below the Edge. Another popular feature of interest in the area not far away in the upper Derwent valley is the Derwent and Howden dams with the castle like twin towers which was a major construction project carried out over 100 years ago.


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The dams where made famous by the 617 squadron has they practised low flying along the dams for operation Chastise which involved a lot of skill and accuracy to bomb dams along the Ruhr valley in  Germany in 1943 a dangerous and daring mission.


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