Tuesday, 3 December 2013


After a few, "many" weeks of waiting for a tranquil , Autumn Day
 I cycled out on the last Autumn Day, before 
the official meteorological first Day of winter!. 
Destination, Howden Dam reservoir in the Derwent valley.
The Derwent Dam, between Ladybower and
 Howden Dam, made famous by 617 squadrons
 1943 practice bomb runs, in preparation

for operation "Chastise" the towers resembled the German
 Ruhr Dams,so made for an ideal substitute,
 for zero level flying. It must have been a very difficult task,
  low flying without instruments, in the dark!!. 


It was an ideal day for Landscape images, with the Gold
 and Russet colours of Autumn illuminating 
across the Howden reservoir, highlighted by
the late setting Sun, this next image, with it's
 grey sky making a neutral 
back drop to the Gold, Sunny hillside.   

You can also see an Image of Howden Dam HERE.