Sunday, 15 December 2013


This is just an update to say I managed to capture, a solitary Meteor
on this Years Geminid Meteor shower night. It was taken on the 14th
of December 2013, I have updated my blog post, "LOOK OUT FOR THE GEMINIDS".

 single Geminid enters the Earths atmosphere

      They say it takes on average, 1200 photographic images to capture
just one with a fast moving Meteor, within your frame.
Over the Years I have made many attempts, to acquire these illusive
Meteor images, the British weather usually gets in the way, even this 
4:30 am capture was flooded by low, advancing cloud. not to 
mention the light pollution of nearby villages. 
Although the cloud did give the Trees, a scenic backdrop.
I normally don't over expose my images, but the above image was very
over exposed, the low resolution, the internet presents on a home 
monitor is to say the least, lacking, especially if the
 image is on the small size. This image is great, viewed at full resolution
and a VERY normal exposure. But we don't live in an ideal internet World.    -------------------------------------------------------------
If you click on the above image, and press hold your key board Ctrl key
while repeat press the + key   you should be able to view the image
larger, but it will be very low resolution.
To return your image to it's normal size, repeat the above but press
the 0 key that's  zero to you.